About Art

Northern Light was birthed by a beautiful vision – to create a candle light from the world’s most pristine beeswax and share this light with the world.

The idea was based on the fact that Australia is the last country in the world that can produce large amounts of organic pristine beeswax and that bees and beeswax light has been esteemed for all of written history.

The light from bees and this pristine wax is like no other candle light and our founder Jeffrey, as a beekeeper himself for decades, has always been well positioned to seek out large amounts of perfect beeswax via the relationships with Australian beekeepers that he has nurtured for decades.

As a result, Australian beekeepers working with Northern Light raised their standards and practices to produce this stand alone quality beeswax.

Northern Light originated the world’s first beeswax tea light right here in Australia 1995, with passion and tens of thousands of hours invested into the understanding and keeping of bees Northern Light has thrived every year since.

With this beautiful vision and a submersion into this lost ancient art, Northern Light has triumphed into the world’s most prolific creators of pure beeswax light.

Something which began in the ethereal as a vision of purity, is now here in our tangible world.

The Single most prolific creators of beeswax
light in earth’s history


Sustainability is the ability to maintain any action at a certain rate or level whilst maintaining ecological balance.

Ecological balance is more than a concept at Northern Light it is a way of life, An imperative that began at the company’s foundations and has continued to grow, evolve and set precedents in sustainable business principles.

Since the conception of Northern Light the world’s purest candle light has come forth from The Art in a way that is sustainable through generation thinking.

Our dedication to provide you with the world’s most sustainable light means replacing convenience with long term decisive commitments, through investment in state of the art technology, giving back to our dedicated beekeepers, employee sustainability and minimalist packaging that is revered by customers and business alike.

Northern Light packaging sets a precedent in minimal post consumer waste whilst maintaining emotive quality in which beeswax candle light has been received with reverence in tasteful elegance throughout the ages.

Each parcel is packed perfectly with love, art and careful attention, from the beehive to your living space.

The truest of arts connect heaven and earth

To the blinding light