Australia’s first and original eco-friendly candle company, Northern Light has gifted the world’s finest organic beeswax candles to a global market since April 1995. Born from a passion for bees, sustainable practices and Australia’s finest beeswax, Northern Light has had it’s roots in beekeeping and beeswax since 1975. We produce an unsurpassed experience in candle light in the form of hundreds of thousands of high quality, consistently beautiful organic beeswax tea lights and candles every year.

Single-handedly Northern Light has began to change the nature of the candle industry to a safer and more sustainable candle light. Northern Light is the most copied candle company in Australia and have therefore created a massive tide of support and change for the good. The light that we produce comes firstly from a respect for bees, the most sought after quality organic beeswax and decades of craftsmanship. Northern light beeswax candles have illuminated people all over the world; they are a joy to produce and also a joy to offer.

The insight accrued over these years has enabled Northern Light to create original pristine beeswax light, made from organically certified beeswax and each one quality assured. All production is Australian-made, the process is low impact and sustainable.

With the lightest of steps, Northern Light is a living example of a sustainable, prosperous industry; setting new precedents and standards all the time.

From healthy cared for beehives all the way to your living space, candle light made with pure intention and ingredient.

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