Past, Present & Future

A history of how Northern Light Candle Company came into being

Northern Light was established as North Coast Apiaries in 1975, beginning a long and ardent devotion towards caring for bee’s.
Caring for bees can be a lifetime calling!
The concept of a beeswax tealight began with the establishment of Northern Light Candle Company in Australia in April 1993, making it the first natural candle company in Australia. Currently Northern Light Candle Company is the world’s most prolific producer of beeswax candles.
Northern Light is continually involved in beekeeping research and development and maintains a genuine relationship with some of Australia’s most renowned beekeepers.
Australian beekeeping standards are among the highest in the world.
Northern Light is involved in research with a new hive design, based upon what bees prefer, and to a feeding programme for bees in a time when bees most need it.
With concern over the future of bees, Jeffrey compiled an award-winning paper – Neonicotinoids in Australia which was published in Australasian Beekeeper Journal 2011-2012.
Northern Light has a new tool and an eagle eye for finding beeswax.
Jeffrey on a wax finding mission.
If children, bees and birds are to live in a thriving future, then commit to companies like Northern Light that strengthens the things that remain.
When you buy our beeswax candles, you can feel happy that you are contributing to a brighter future for you and the environment!