Reusable Tea Light Tin – 10 pack


Reusable Tea Light Tin 10 pack – Freight Free

100% recycled tealight tins: these are the only Australian-made tealight tins available on the market.

Some of our loyal customers have been using the same tea light tin for over eighteen years! That is genuine sustainability.

All alternatives are made from aluminum or plastic and produced with considerable carbon footprint.

Aluminum is a known impacter on the environment, a hard hitting one at that.








Our competitors use aluminum disposable cups because they are cheap, with little regard for the impact these have on the environment.

If the objective is to promote a healthy environment, placing beeswax candles in a disposable aluminum or plastic container is contrary to sustainable practice.

Make your decisions count and choose the option that has the least impact on our environment.


Burn time and dimensions available here. 




Recycled Tealight Tins – Freight Free product

To use reusable tin simply load tea light directly into the holder, light and enjoy.

Best used within essential oil burners. Insulate from cold surfaces.

Allow candle to burn for a minimum of 2 hours, allowing the candle walls to become molten and avoid tunnelling.

Once the tea light has 1/4 – 2/3 left allow to burn out completely, this will avoid left over wax due to insufficient wick left to create required heat.

Remove left over metal sustainer after each burn

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Additional information

Weight .120 kg
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 4 cm
Candle Dimensions

21 x 40 mm

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Tealight Tin 10 pack