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Northern Light was birthed by a beautiful vision – to create a candle light from the world’s most pristine beeswax and share and throw this light all over the world. The idea was based on the fact that Australia is the last country in the world that can produce large amounts of organic pristine beeswax and that bees and beeswax light has been esteemed for all of written history. The light from bees and this pristine wax is like no other candle light and our founder Jeffrey, as a beekeeper himself for decades, was always well positioned to seek out large amounts of perfect beeswax via the relationships with Australian beekeepers that he has nurtured for decades. As a result, the Australian beekeepers working with Northern Light raised their standards and practices to produce this stand alone quality beeswax.

Northern Light invented and introduced the world’s first beeswax tea light, right here in Australia in 1995 and has thrived and grown every year since.

It was a great start.

Northern Light is actively involved in beekeeping research and development and maintains a close relationship with some of Australia’s most renown beekeepers.


Northern Light is now the world’s largest producer of beeswax candles.

Today, Northern Light is the only company producing hundreds of thousands of these vision inspired beeswax candles and distributing them all over the world. There are now thousands of crafts people attempting to produce or copy this beeswax tea light, and it is fair to say that through education and experience of our candle light, Northern Light has changed and is changing the direction of the candle industry, especially in Australia.

Northern Light is coming up with new candles, standards and innovations every year, the quality of our wax and candles improve almost monthly. Most of our energy use comes from the waste product of macadamia nut shells to gently melt the beeswax with wood heated water. Because chlorine is absorbed into beeswax and is to be found in almost all other beeswax, Northern Light uses only rain water to create all of our organic beeswax candles. Northern Light stands alone in the candle industry when it comes down to sustainable practices and purity of beeswax. There is no other company that implements such high standards with beeswax and candle light.

The support from our ever growing number of happy clients is astounding, and it is folk like yourself that have enabled Northern Light to continue to grow and prosper and set new standards in sustainable industry.

Northern Light has a new tool for finding beeswax


We have taken to the sky.

There is no end to the growth of our little company. Presently Northern Light Candle Company Australia is helping birth a new Australian Beeswax Company founded on the combined hundreds of years of Australian beekeeper’s knowledge and experience of beeswax.

The company is called Beeswax Australia and its vision is to find and produce the highest grade and the most certified beeswax in the world. Beeswax Australia intends on sharing this precious beeswax with other candle makers and competitors and also to set new standards in cosmetic grade and food grade beeswax. The vision is to enable Australian and international beeswax candle makers to produce a superior beeswax candle light via the most sought after beeswax in the world. We expect Australia to flood the world with exceptional beeswax candle light over the next decade. We believe the world needs more of this light, so we are sharing our wax and considerable knowledge.

The search for this organic ‘virgin’ Australian beeswax is unrivalled. The quality of the beeswax is the highest possible, the beekeepers are paid the highest premium in Australia for their highest grade beeswax and we are seeking to encourage organically certified beekeepers.

Jeffrey has taken to the sky in a small plane called a ‘Storch’ in German meaning ‘Stork’ in English and it can land almost anywhere – right beside the bees and beekeepers homes, in paddocks and fields, in the deserts and on the edge of Australia’s native forests. It helps to have an eagle’s vision when you are searching for the finest possible. Jeffrey is becoming more like a bee everyday.

Northern Light and Beeswax Australia’s future is to support as many beeswax candle makers as possible and to spread our light even further by making available the world’s finest candle wax, and while we are at it, to raise Australian and International standards in the production of the highest cosmetic and food grade beeswax.

What began as an inspired vision has taken wings and like every good and perfect gift, the intention behind the vision is to share it both far and wide.

We hope that you enjoy our latest light and can share with us in this exciting future. We thank all those that have helped along the way to bring into being this beautiful vision and these higher standards of sustainability, higher standards of beeswax and beekeeping practices and the highest standard of beeswax candle light in the world today, and tomorrow.

Northern Light is on a roll, following the light.


Currently Northern Light Candle Company is devoting much research into a new hive design based upon what bees prefer, and also to a feeding programme for bees which raises their immunity to pesticides. Over the last 8 years of research very heartening results have been ascertained, at a time when bees most need it.

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From the Northern Light team, enjoy the light.