Karma light – 6 lights and 2 ceramics


Karma Lights with the combination of these 3 wicks per candle give a very tall bright clean flame.

The life in the party, with a 5-6 hour burn this candle will see you through a very long night indeed.

Watch as the candle walls become transparent, gently folding in like delectate flower petals.

A surprise awaits you as the the pure Beeswax becomes molten, revealing a hidden message.


Burn time and dimensions available here. 




To extinguish, drown the wick in the molten wax then stand wick back upright

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(Please note: The dimensions shown in the ‘Additional Information’ tab are the box and weight dimensions used for shipping calculations)


Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 7.5 cm
Burn time (per candle):

5 – 6 hours

Candle Dimensions

20 x 70 mm

Upgrade order:

Out of stock


Karma Light 6×2